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First Aid at Work (3 day)

What Is It?

Train Aid’s Level 3 First Aid At Work Courses are approved by the HSE and meet the new requirements that have been outlined by Ofqual.

The training is comprehensive, and covers all aspects of first aid within the workplace. The course itself features and array of teaching methods; including hands on practical’s, videos, discussions and role play scenarios. Our instructors always set out to create a relaxed and personable learning environment.

The 3 day first aid course is the highest award that you can obtain within the industry. All candidates receive this nationally recognised certificate, which proves that they are a confident and knowledgeable first aider. This often brings new found confidence, and covers people to administer treatment.

*London Course | September 15th - 17th* | + FREE AED Training

*London Course | October 13th - 15th* | + FREE AED Training

Life On The Courses?

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that their staff and customers get immediate attention when they are taken ill or injured at work. Accidents and illness can strike at any time. Employees who complete this course will have the potential to save a life, and at the very least can stop minor injuries turning into major problems.

The taught skills are truly in-valuable, and can be applied to any walk of life. Train Aid will make the courses as practically orientated as possible for the benefit of candidates. We recognise that first aid is hands on, and feel that candidates learn best when they get a chance to have a go at something themselves.

FREE AED Training | First Aid at Work Courses | Guaranteed Certificate

Who should attend?

The 3 day First Aid at Work Course goes into much more detail than the one day equivalent. It is designed to teach people the full repertoire of skills that are required to treat casualties in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

It is recommended that low risk businesses with over 100 employees / customers should have one person certified in first aid at work. Anyone who works in a high risk industry e.g construction should enrol on these courses and not the one day equivalent.

It is also the best training option for those who have to look after large groups of people like those who work within the hospitality industry.

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Course Content

  • First Aid Kit contents 
  • Accident Reporting Procedures
  • Responsibilities of the First Aider
  • Primary Survey / DRS ABC
  • First Aid at Work Principles
  • CPR for adult child & baby
  • Choking
  • Major Bleeding / bandaging
  • Shock Management
  • Injury Assessment
  • First Aid At Work Courses Scenarios
  • Managing spinal injuries
  • Anaphylaxis & Epi-Pen

£195 pp + VAT

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Groups of 12 - £1200 + VAT (In House)