It can be a bit daunting when you need to get a whole group of staff trained up in a particular field. It is sometimes hard enough getting the workforce together on your own premises (let alone in another part of town). Sometimes the easiest way to get trained is to host a course on your premises. This allows for greater flexibility, will save time and money and can help build team spirit.


Train Aid host a variety of open courses where individuals and companies can attend on set days during each month. This works out very well for those people who know their calendars in advance, or companies who can afford to have one / two staff members away for the day.

Problems start arising when a company needs to get a whole group of staff trained up in a field like first aid. An in-house course can work out better in these situations because it gives the company the opportunity to pick a date. Realistically there is usually only one or two dates in the calendar where you can guarantee getting the workforce altogether, in one place.

Saves Time and Money

Time can be saved through in-house training because certain staff members will be on the premises during the day of training. Of course no one can be expected to do two jobs at once, and it is therefore important that the training course takes sole priority. However there is often time before or after the course to go through cover work etc.

In-house training can also prove to be a money saver. The group rate can work out up to 50% cheaper when taking into consideration the price per person compared to an open course. The company also doesn't have to take into consideration travel expenses etc when hosting a course on their own premises.

Learn how to deal with firework related injuries


Above all else having a training course on a company premise can prove to be very convenient. You can keep watch on your staff and you know exactly where to make the teas and coffees

Good For Team Spirit

Sometimes people can get stuck in their own department and may rarely chat to people from other areas of the company. Hosting a course on your own premises creates the chance for people to interact with one another. It breaks up the typical working week and above else teaches people new skills. This can give a new found confidence to the workforce which could in turn increase productivity.

Lots to think about, but remember we can provide every course that you see on our website in-house, and at a time to suit your business needs.

By Bill Casserley