Train Aid is one of the first training providers in the UK to launch the level 3 award in education and training. The courses have replaced the old Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) program, which was considered to be in need of a revamp. It must be stressed however that PTLLS courses are still very much in operation and the qualification will be equal to the new e&t award.

Wait a Minute I Have Only Just Done My PTLLS Training!!

Tecahing On Level 3 Award In Education And Training

Ok calm down there is no need to panic on this front. Your PTLLS award is a nationally recognised qualification that demonstrates you to be a competent and experienced teacher / trainer. This new award cannot change that, nor can it take anything away from the hard work that you put into your petals course.

There will be no requirement for you to upgrade your certificate to the level 3 award in education and training. It simply represents an upgraded syllabus to help budding teachers long into the future. It is worth noting that the petals program was first introduced in 2009, and like anything was in need of a bit of tweaking.

We here at Train Aid have received a few emails from suspicious companies trying to get their previous petals candidates to sign up to the new award. This realistically just represents a money making scheme, which tries to get existing teachers to upgrade, when they don’t really need to. We would never send out such emails, as we are immensely proud of our petals courses.

Further launch of first aid program in Manchester

What Can I expect From The New Program?

In simple terms I think you can expect more of the same and a little bit more.

The new level 3 award is going to look further into understanding the roles and responsibilities of teaching, and then wrap this around the concept of inclusive teaching and learning approaches. It will build further on the principles and practices of assessment, and will allocate plenty of time for practical teaching practice.

Education and training courses are the future of teaching qualifications in both the public and private sectors. This new award will hopefully bridge the gap between teaching in the public and teaching in the private sector.

Keep your eyes peeled for our first course, which should be coming up within the next couple of months.