Ann Gravells talks about her own teaching experiences, what it means to be a teacher and entry route options to forge your own career.


Tom- ‘Hi Ann, it is very good to see you again, I wondered if you could please tell me what you have been up to and if you have got any new projects?’

Ann- ‘Hi Tom, I have been quite busy updating my website which has lots of information for learners on teaching, assessing and quality assurance including videos. I have also been working on some online CPD modules for people to update their knowledge.

Tom-  Can you provide any advice and guidance for anyone who is considering a career within teaching?

Ann- ‘I would say to them to go for it! There are so many satisfying moments such as those ‘light bulb moments’ when a learner has understood the content. With teaching there is always administration to do such as paperwork and computer work, however if you keep on top of it then it is a rewarding career.

Tom- At Train Aid, we deliver the Level 3, 4 and 5 teaching qualifications. I just wondered if you can summarise the different teaching and employment routes which can arise after completing each of the qualifications?

Ann- The Level 3 Award in Education and Training is an excellent introduction for those learners who are considering a career within teaching who might go into part time teaching whereas some people who work within a College or University might take a qualification whilst they are teaching because they need teaching practice hours.

The careers that you can go into are not just within Colleges and Universities, they can work within private training companies or even on the job employment routes where you might be training up a new apprentice, taking on or re-educating current staff.

There are opportunities to complete voluntary work or part time work where the organisation has a need for someone to deliver training or just help out wherever anyone who like some help and support.

Tom- With the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, one of the key questions that learners ask for help with is regarding the summative micro teach assessment. Can you provide any support or advice for anyone who is looking to deliver a micro teach?

Ann- The micro teach can be challenging and some learners do become anxious about having to do it, however it is good experience and is a chance to put all of the teaching theories into practice. There is a lot of advice and support on the website regarding the micro teach, there are also a lot of text books available to support you also.

Some micro teach sessions are longer than 15 minutes, some organisations offer them as 30 minutes or even an hour. Whatever it is, relax and stay focused and enjoy what you are doing. I sometimes view it like a driving test, whereby you will make mistakes along the way but it is the end result that matters. The main thing is to enjoy the experience.

Tom- We deliver the Level 3 Award in Education and Training as both as a 3-day face-face course and also an online learning course. Can you please explain the benefits of attending the classroom course option?

Ann- I have taught face-face, blended learning and online and my personal preference is to be within the classroom as my learners can ask me questions straight away, the learners can learn from each other. They can carry out practical activities and have fun when they are learning and I think it is a valuable way to make contacts as well and support each other as you are progressing through the course.

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