Meet The Team

Fully qualified to national standards with expert knowledge in their subject specialisms.

About our team

Train Aid will always have a subject specialist hosting your training course. Equipped with the latest resources, technology and experience to make sure the learning experience runs as smoothly as possible. All of our instructors are qualified to a national standard within their field, and undergo regular CPD training to keep their skills up-to-date. 

The Train Aid office team is here to answer any questions you might have about a training course. We are here to mark your course submissions and can provide fast certification at the end of the learning process. The team is supported by it's in-house bot (Hugo) who is on hand to automate receipts, course instructions and financial documents. 


  • Andy

    Andy has been trained in advanced first person on the scene making him vastly knowledgeable in all areas of first aid. Andy likes to share this knowledge on our open first aid courses within Birmingham. Andy's courses are fast paced, interactive and full of good humour.
  • Brian

    Brian is a really positive character with an enthusiastic teaching style. He worked in a training role for many years in the airline industry. He teaches across our full range of first aid courses.
  • Anna

    Anna teaches on the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, delivering both face to face and virtual webinar courses. She really enjoys sharing her own teaching experiences with her learners and demonstrates a genuine passion for developing their own teaching skills.
  • Davey

    Davey teaches across our full range of courses, including teaching, assessing and first aid qualifications. He is a professional and eloquent trainer with an eye for detail.
  • Graham

    Graham has years of hands on practical first aid experience. You will find him a knowledgeable, passionate and patient trainer. He has a very calm and informative teaching style.
  • Ian

    Ian is a vastly experienced trainer, having spent much of his career managing and delivering the training programme for the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). Ian has a passion for teaching and delivers on both our teacher training and assessing courses.
  • Seth

    Seth is a very friendly and approachable trainer that enjoys interacting with learners on his courses. He predominantly delivers our full range of first aid courses, but has a wealth of knowledge and is also able to deliver other health and safety related subjects.
  • Joy

    Joy has been teaching first aid for nearly 20 years now, and is on hand to share all this knowledge with her candidates. She has a hands on, practical style and her courses are full of valuable information.
  • Marianne

    Marianne is an experienced teacher with a background of teaching in further education. She is very passionate and enjoys the range of people she meets on our teaching courses. Marianne delivers our regular level 3 teaching courses in Birmingham and Bristol. 

  • Martyn

    Martyn is a key member of our teaching and assessing team. He teaches on the education and training, assessing and first aid courses. He is a a personable and enthusiastic character that many of our regular clients request when re-booking in-house courses with us. 
  • Phil H

    Phil spent 30 years working as a British Airway cabin crew member where over the years he gained  a vast amount of experience in the field of first aid. He now shares his experiences on our Richmond first aid location as well as in-house within Hampshire & Dorset. Phil’s energetic and informative courses are always a big hit with our learners.
  • Phil G

    Phil is a vastly experienced trainer with a military background. He is a real peoples person and thrives on the day to day contact with his learners. Due to Phil's wealth of knowledge and experiences he is a very versatile trainer and teaches on our teaching, assessing and first aid courses.
  • Rebecca

    Over the last 30 years Rebecca has enjoyed a varied and interesting career which has given her vast experience in many different sectors including private, public and education. She delivers our teaching and assessing courses in the North East.
  • Richard

    Richard is a retired fire fighter with a great deal of experience to share with his learners. He teaches across our full range of first courses.
  • Sandra

    Sandra has volunteered on international aid projects and is very keen to emphasise the importance of first aid skills. She teaches on both our open and in-house first aid courses. 
  • Serena

    Serena  is an active community first responder and has been teaching first aid for over 15 years. When she’s not teaching she also likes to help out as a first responder at events. She has lots of experiences to share with her learners
  • Nikki

    Nikki is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher. She previously taught in the secondary sector and now facilitates across our suite of teaching courses.
  • Damon

    Damon completed First Aid at Work when he was only 14, and used to compete in first aid competitions. He was a member of St John for a number of years, being qualified up to Ambulance Technician level. He became a commercial trainer in 2018, and loves training, with a particular skill in being able to explain things in a way anyone can understand.

Customer Service

  • Bill

    Bill is an experienced trainer with first aid as his subject specialism. He has a wealth of knowledge across the suite of qualifications that we deliver, offering accurate and honest advise to our clients.
  • Nick

    Nick is a vastly experienced teacher having taught in both the public and private sectors for over fifteen years. He is able to offer first class advice on the various courses we deliver and find the right course for you.
  • Tom

    Tom has taught across the full range of our qualifications. He offers honest and accurate advise, finding the most suitable course for you. 
  • Lesley

    Lesley has taught for over 20 years, across a range of subjects. She is an invaluable member of the office team, providing guidance throughout your journey on our qualifications. 


  • Nicola

    Nicola is a vibrant member of the office team, dealing with course administration and certification. She is more than happy to answer all certificate requests in a friendly and efficient manner.


  • Ellie

    Ellie is our finance director, dealing with all invoicing and payment queries. She has a background in banking, supporting our clients needs professionally and efficiently. 


  • Vicky

    Vicky was a successful deputy head in primary education before specialising in working one on one with excluded students. Vicky supports and assesses across our teaching, assessing and IQA courses.
  • Ian

    Ian is a department manager in a Further Education. He provides detailed and constructive feedback for the written assessments on the Level 3 Award in Education and Training.