Each candidate is required to deliver a 15 minute micro lesson on a subject of their choice to their peers. This presented on the third / final day of the training course. This is an important part of the course as it proves a candidate's ability to teach unsupervised on a subject area. The criteria being assessed is highlighted more within the theoretical components of the course

Theoretical Assignments

Unit A

Understanding the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training

This unit examines what the boundaries should be for a teacher and how they can work alongside other professionals. It gets the learner to ultimately think about how they themselves can set up an effective learning environment.

On average Unit A is completed in about 1000 - 1500 words, which is typically made up of about 9 short answer questions.

Unit B

Understanding and using inclusive teaching and learning approaches

This assignment is linked closely to the practical module. The micro teach requires candidates to meet all the individual needs of their learners. Examples of this may include those with disabilities or learning difficulties. The unit asks the candidate to describe methods of creating environments whereby everybody is involved in the lessons / classes.

The micro teach is attached to this assignment, which incorporates any lesson plans.

Unit C

Understanding assessment in education and training

The final assignment examines the importance of assessments within the word of teaching. This could be through different methods of feedback and how it can be used to get the best out of learners.

The unit will take you around 1500 words to complete as you work your way through the different criteria.