A webinar is essentially the same as a seminar but it is conducted over the internet. Users do not need to be in a physical location which has a whole range of benefits. Yet they can still experience the expertise of somebody and interact with other users of the service.

Webinar courses can replicate the classroom environment and help people learn a subject area from the comfort of their own home. This is a hot topic at the moment due to the restriction in both domestic and international travel as a result of CO-VID 19.

What’s Different?

Traditional classroom courses require both candidates and the teacher to attend a physical location on a set date/s. This requires travel, expense and energy loss whilst commuting. There is often also a financial implication when hiring or maintaining a room for the class.

The webinar is hosted over the internet which can be accessed at home. In this scenario both the candidate and teacher can log on to their platform without having to leave the house. 

Did you know - Productivity has shown to increase when staff members do not lose time when commuting to a physical work location 

Same As a Conference Call?

Webinars are very similar to conference calls and in many ways the two overlap in their features and usage. However conference calls could be seen as more meetings that are conducted over the internet. Where different people express an opinion and various topics are discussed.

Webinar courses are based around a criteria and generally have a teacher hosting them. The teacher is responsible for helping candidates learn a topic / subject area and will set activities like debates, Q&A’s and reading tasks.

Did you know - Webinar courses can follow the exact same timelines as classroom training with set breaks included 

Technology Used

It is important that all candidates have access to the correct technology in order for them to participate in and complete a webinar course. In this modern age this is very simple with the wide range of webinar services that are available via web browsers and apps. Zoom, Skype and GoToMeeting are popular and there are many more.

Candidates will get the best experience by using a desktop / laptop with a webcam and microphone. This will enable them to see both their teacher and fellow peers and fully interact with the course. 

Did you know - It’s even possible to use a smartphone which has a  built in camera and microphone anyway