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AED Defibrilaltor Training

The Automated External Defibrillator Course (AED) shows learners how to use an AED machine with confidence and efficiency. This short 3 hour course prepares the candidate by teaching them the skills required to restart the heart, when a casualty suffers cardiac arrest.

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About this course

AEDs are the only proven method of treating cardiac arrests. Learning how to use one could quite literally save a life. Candidates will leave feeling confident using the machine in the event of a cardiac arrest within the workplace or in a public setting. Each candidate also receives a certificate that is valid for three years and proves their competence using the machine.

Why this course?

The course is suitable for companies, organisations and individuals who are interested in learning how to operate the AED machine. Companies who are unsure about where to start will benefit from a discounted Zoll AED and can utilise our expert trainers advice and support on its usage.

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£420.0 (£350.0 ex VAT)

Price based on 12 students, £27.0 per additional
Our AED courses utilise the technology of the leading defibrillator in the marketplace (Zoll AED +). The course uses a replica of the best selling defibrillator to replicate a real life cardiac arrest. 

Candidates will learn about the basic science and principles behind the AED. Watching real life videos of the AED in action, along with a step by step guide and practical demonstration, will help learners familiarise themselves with the AED before having the opportunity to practice using the machine themselves.
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£12.0 (£10.0 ex VAT)

This e-learning course can be completed at your own pace on a computer, smartphone or tablet. It’s possible to take breaks and return to the course at any time. 

The course consists of four interactive sections,  which contain a combination of videos, short lectures, puzzles and questions. And concludes with a multiple choice assessment. 

Upon successful completion of all sections learners are sent a certificate (valid for three years), which proves they have knowledge about the use of AEDs. 
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