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First Aid for Mental Health (2 Day)

The 2 day First Aid for Mental Health Course teaches candidates how to recognise the various mental health conditions that can arise within the workplace, and then how to provide assistance in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

By it's conclusion candidates are certified and can become a first aider (mental health) within the workplace.

Awarding Body This course is nationally certified by an awarding body

About this course

Day one introduces the concept of mental health, mental ill health and overall wellbeing. Candidates begin to understand that all mental health is on a continuum affecting everybody’s lives. This also includes risk factors concerning mental ill health and the main mental health conditions that will be prevalent within the workplace.

Day two builds on the knowledge gained on mental well being and looks at how a first aider can apply this knowledge to recognise the signs and indicators of mental ill health. From here candidates learn what strategies to use and what tools are available, when assisting an employee suffering with a mental ill health condition within the workplace.

Candidates learn through taught lectures, debates and written activities the following topics and many more:

  • Risk factors concerning mental ill health
  • Main types of mental ill health
  • Signs & symptoms
  • Roles & responsibilities of the first aider
  • The ABC action plan
  • Tools used for listening and empathy 
  • Importance of a positive mental health culture in the workplace 

Why this course?

The qualification is suitable for anyone who wants to become a first aider (mental health) within the workplace. This has the potential to help individuals overcome their mental health problems through the use of signposting and professional help.

Candidates receive a nationally recognised certificate on successful completion of this course. This can be used to prove competence in the field of first aid for mental health within the workplace.

Most importantly their new found knowledge can be used to spot the signs of an employee in distress and will enable the candidate to know what to say and what signposts to offer. It could even save a life during an emergency eg suicide 

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£1,674.00 (£1,395.00 ex VAT)

Price based on 12 students, £78.0 per additional
This 2 day course can be delivered on your premises and a time to suit your needs. One of our expertly trained mental health first aid instructors will deliver an informative, interactive and enjoyable course for your team.

The course is nationally accredited and will certify staff members to become mental health first aiders within the workplace. Electronic certificates are emailed to the booker upon successful completion of the course.
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