First Aid

First Aid for Parents and Carers

The First Aid for Parents course teaches a basic set of skills that can be used to save the life of a child / baby in an emergency. It's suitable for new parents, groups, friends & family.

The worst situation is to not know what to do when an emergency arises. This course gives people new found confidence during such events. By its conclusion candidates receive an electronic certificate which is valid for three years

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About this course

The course is entirely practical in nature - whereby candidates get the chance to have a hands on go at the various tasks.

An experienced first aid instructor demonstrates the various lifesaving techniques and then helps people practice themselves.

Child & baby mannequins are brought to the course to make the training as real life as possible. Several videos are also shown to help gain a further understanding.

Why this course?

By its conclusion candidates receive an electronic certificate, which is valid for three years and proves a competence in first aid.

Most importantly people leave the course with an improved sense of confidence. The knowledge gained can be used if a child has a sudden accident / illness within the home environment.

The course is suitable for parents / carers who want basic understanding of first aid so they can help their own children in an emergency. This also extends to grandparents, siblings and groups of friends.

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£420.0 (£350.0 ex VAT)

Price based on 12 students, £30.0 per additional
Candidates can expect to learn exactly what to do during an emergency. This includes what to say to the emergency services and how to fill in the time gap before they arrive. Expect to learn the following topics on the course:

The areas covered are:

  • Checking breathing 
  • Assessment of injury
  • Recovery position
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Choking
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