Choking is approximately the third leading cause of accidental deaths involving infants. Many of these deaths are preventable when immediate first aid treatment is administered. Watch this video and learn a simple three step technique which could help save a baby’s life. 

Step One

Establish the infant is choking through their inability to cry, strange gurgling noises and pale complexion. Then check the mouth for any visible obstructions, but do not sweep your finger inside as this could push the object further into the airway.

Pull the object out if it is close to the lips, but when it is further back proceed onto step two to remove it.

Tip - Keep calm and do not panic even if others around you are

Step Two

Sit down and position the infant along your leg (acting as a pivot to support their weight). Then place your thumb on one side of the cheek, with your fingers against the other side. 

Now deliver five sharp back blows against the shoulder blades. Keep one eye on the infant to check if the object pops out or if they vomit. 

Tip -  Check to see if the infant is still choking after vomiting because the object may have travelled out of the airway

Step Three

Perform a visual check on the infant to see if they are still choking after the five initial back blows. If so, move on to five chest thrusts whilst the infant is facing upwards, using your leg as a pivot to support their weight.

Call 999 / 112 if they are still choking after the five chest thrusts and repeat steps 2-3 until the object clears or if medical professionals tell you to stop.

Tip - Tilt the infant slightly downwards and allow gravity to assist you when performing the chest thrusts