Life Events Affecting Mental Ill Health

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Mental health affects us all, on a continuum ranging from positive to negative, with extremes at both ends. Just like a physical illness mental ill health can occur during a person's lifetime. Certain life events can bring this period of mental ill health on.


Bereavement occurs following the death of someone we love or who we are close to. Sometimes there is a process leading up to this and at other times it can be sudden. In either situation it can leave people feeling empty, lonely amongst many other emotions.

Within the workplace it is important to give those who have lost loved ones time to mourn and recover. The pressure of work can only add to their stress and it may be very difficult to concentrate within the working environment 

Tip - Don’t be afraid to ask a colleague if they are ok. They may thank you for it

Serious Illness

Serious illness can have an impact on independence and day-to-day functioning. There are widespread links to physiological health and psychological health with the two being very much intertwined.

If this happens within the workplace consider how you could help an employee / colleague. Perhaps you can adapt their working environment to make them more comfortable, adjust working hours or even allow more time working from home.

Loss of Employment

Loss of employment and the subsequent financial difficulties can be one of the most stressful periods in a person's life. This can lead to anxiety, depression and levels of stress that can affect all aspects of life.

If you feel that you are suffering with a mental health condition after losing your job then contact your GP for support

Period of Homelessness

In the modern world loss of employment could lead to homelessness if a person does not have the necessary support elsewhere. The trauma of losing your home and living on the streets can naturally cause a wide range of mental health problems.

If this is happening to you then don’t be afraid to seek help to get back on your feet. The below charity’s are here to provide shelter and get people out of their troubles:

Crisis - National homelessness charity

Centrepoint - Helping homeless young adults

St Mungo’s - Helping Homeless People & Rebuilding Lives

Tip - If it's happening to someone you know then consider helping them make contact with a charity

Family member seriously ill

A seriously ill family member can affect all aspects of life. Families sometimes take turns providing part time care or may feel a sense of worry and stress. In many cases this can naturally impact a person's work and their schedule.

If you are an employer consider your employees needs during this very difficult period in their life. If you are a colleague then don't be afraid to ask if someone needs any help or if they are coping ok. 

Remember - People generally like to talk

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