This series of videos has provided an insight into how to create a vocational based assessment. By following each video in the series you could go on to create your very own assessments, whether it be observations, presentations, professional discussions (to name just a few).
In this last blog post the vocational assessment is now complete, and the learner has met all of the criteria. We now catch up with Martyn who gives feedback to the candidate assessor (Bill) on his overall performance throughout the process.


Firstly Martyn puts Bill at ease by telling him that he has met all of the criteria. Bill did the exact same thing when giving feedback to his learner, which is always considered good practice. You can see that Bill is slightly nervous as was his learner in the previous discussion. 
It is perfectly natural for anyone to worry about passing an assessment, course or exam. It is therefore the assessor's role to put someone at ease and also advise them early on if the criteria has not been met.


Martyn does a good job of summarising the whole assessment process. It was not always clear in the videos, but he had always been in the background checking how Bill was performing in his role. 
This provides an insight into a real life level 3 assessing course. Bill is trying to become a qualified assessor and Martyn has the opportunity to help him towards this with the feedback that he provides.
Remember - It would of been very hard for Martyn to summarise without his detailed notes and tracking documents. Always prepare your assessing documents the night before.

Positive Feedback

Remember to give positive feedback but only when it is deserved. This ensures transparency throughout the whole assessment process. In this case Martyn has witnessed the whole observation and is in a clear position to highlight the good work that Bill has done. This can also be followed up with areas of improvement for the future (where applicable).
Helpful hint - Consider a positive tone of voice and body language when giving feedback

Next Steps

The assessment process concludes with Martyn highlighting the next steps for Bill. Just like Martyn he is required to complete all of his paperwork from the observations. It’s always best to do this straight after the assessment when it is still fresh in the mind.
Bill has now completed all four of his assessments. His documents are all complete in his folder and he is now ready to receive the Level 3 Award in Assessing Vocational Achievement qualification. Click hereif you would also like to enrol on this qualification.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash