It is important to carry out a pre assessment briefing before starting a vocational assessment. The short meeting can help address any concerns on both sides and should help the assessment run as smoothly as possible.
This is the second video in a series of six which aims to help candidate assessors understand what is expected during a vocational assessment. Follow each installment and create your own perfect assessment.

What’s Going On?

In summary Billy (the instructor) is talking Tom (the learner) through his practical assessment on an FAIB certified first aid course. This is a vocational assessment because in order for Tom to pass the course he has to pass a practical observation.
Billy clearly explains the type, time frame and practical implications related to the forthcoming assessment. Importantly he also allows time for Tom to ask any questions as learners are often understandably nervous before any assessment.
Helpful Hint - Remain professional at all times, but also try to build a friendly rapport in the room. This helps put everyone at ease and can make the whole process easier

What Next?

The meeting concludes with Tom asking a couple of questions to his assessor, and it appears he is more confident about the upcoming observation.
It is important that you always carry out the pre assessment briefing when conducting your own vocational assessments. Here you can check that nothing has been missed out of the planning stage. This could just be minor issues that are cleared up during conversation. However it could also be about vital medical information, or individual learning requirements, which could put the learner at risk.
Now your ready to watch the observation itself

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash